Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How we found the trunk ...

In the summer of 2010 Scott and I were in Philly and happened upon an antique store (I think it was around 11th and Pine) that was closing. After talking to the owner and mentioning we were from Norristown he mentioned an old trunk that he had in the attic that he recently acquired from an estate sale in Norristown. The trunk was locked, had no key and from what the store owner told us the previous owner informed him it was filled with “junk”. Knowing he didn’t have a key for it made things a bit of a gamble for both sides. Since he was closing he didn’t feel like dealing with getting a locksmith to open the trunk he offered it to me at a good price. I thought it would make a cool coffee table so I decided to buy it. It took a pry bar to get the thing opened but we couldn’t believe all the stuff inside. While I could see some people thinking of it as junk - for two artists this was the mother-load. Here’s a brief list of what we found:

(any of the things with dates look to be from between 1900-1935)
two sets of playing cards
fortune telling cards
old fabric
old letters, postcards, invoices, telegraphs (other misc papers)
wholesale clothing price book
german fashion magazine (we’re guessing since neither of us can read german)
harper’s weekly and some other old magazine/newspaper looking things
odd fellows rule book
old newspapers ads from dmc
and best of all - a stack of old drawings (which later became our t shirt designs)

More coming soon ...